Ancient Scripture Essential Oils

Divine Annointing Session

Healing with Ancient Scripture Essential Oils = Powerful Healing


Experience your sacred session with Linda in a warm, dimly lit private room on her massage table warmed by the Amethyst Biomat. The Biomat provides added healing to your session as well as detoxification. This prayerful session with 12 ancient biblical oils is one to cherish long after your completed session. Add to blessed events such as Weddings, Sacred ceremonies or around Holidays and capture the special essence of the event.

Annointing of the Ancient Scripture Oils was created in 2005 by Jeff Essen, ND and Catherine L Mullaney, OTR, using the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture (TM), from Young Living Essential Oils. You can experience this divine annointing using the 12 therapeutic grade Essential Oils of Ancient Scripture as a Spiritual Anointing Blessing.

These therapeutic grade oils are powerful “infection fighters”. They promote healing from within, and are the most significant of the Biblical oils. Enjoy the beautiful fragrances and intriguing histories of these precious oils.

The oils are placed on your back and head along the 7 energy centers of your body. The session is approximately one hour in length.

* Deep relaxation activates innate healing response
* Antiseptic and body support
* Calming and purifying properties
* Helps sooth and nourish the skin
* Known to oxygenate the brain
* Promotes physical and electrical balance
* Supports the respiratory system
* Supports the circulatory system
* Symbolizes deepening divinity


When you come for your appointment:
* Plan on a light, relaxing schedule following your appointment.
* Give yourself time to integrate the oils. The oils will be applied to your back and feet.
* You will be asked to remove all jewelry; you may want to leave it at home.


Healing Touch
…along with these oils, enhances the bodies innate ability to bring deep healing and balance in mind, body and spirit.
…is not a replacement for conventional medicine but is complementary and often increases the effectiveness of other treatments.
…is not a religion and can lead to inner spiritual development with continued practice.



    • 1 to 1-1/2 hours:  $90.00


Note: if you are sensitive to essential oils applied to your skin, please use caution.