Health Benefits Water Ionizer

Remarkable health benefits

The new Alkal-Life 7000sL Water Ionizer introduces you and your family to a new world of healthy living:

* Flushes free radicals from your system

Free radicals are responsible for the development of everything from cancer to cardiovascular disease to premature aging.  They are unstable oxygen atoms that cause oxidation in our bodies.  It’s the same process that causes a piece of metal or a cut piece of fruit to turn brown and deteriorate over time.  Ionized, alkaline water pulls these oxides out of our bodies because it’s loaded with negatively charge hydrogen atoms that bond with unstable oxygen and then flush them out of our systems harmlessly.

* Restores the alkaline balance for improved immune function

Stress, poor diet and air pollution are among the many factors of modern life that can cause our bodies to become too acidic.  Unfortunately, an acidic environment is less resistant to disease. Ionized, alkaline water helps to neutralize the damaging build-up of acidity in our bodies and restore pH balance to an ideal range of between 7.35 and 7.45.

* Encourages detoxification and plaque breakup

Our modern diets, rich in animal proteins, dairy, alcohol and refined or processed foods, flood our systems with mucus and plaque that clog our systems and act as a barrier, preventing nutrients from being absorbed. Restoring the alkaline balance to our systems by consuming ionized water helps to break down this viscous plaque and cleanse our bodies, improving our ability to process the nutrients we need for better health. And because ionized water is completely pure and clear, it doesn’t introduce any additional toxins, such as pollutants and chlorine, into our systems.

* Promotes superior hydration

Because ionization actually reduces the size of water molecules, it facilitates faster, more complete cellular absorption and rehydration.  The ionization process reduces water from clusters of 11 to 16 molecules to clusters of no more than five or six molecules—less than half the size!

* Gives you and your family a healthy foundation

Water is a fundamental building block of life.  When the water we drink is not optimized for excellent health, it has a detrimental effect on our entire system, inside and out.  Our bodies become clogged with pollutants, we lose our ability to fight disease and we lack energy and vitality.  Make sure that you and your family have access to electrolyzed water that takes them closer to optimal health with every sip.  Smooth, sweet and pure, you’ll taste the difference that ionization can make!