Immanuel Prayer

Immanuel, one of God’s names, meaning “God with us.”


Experience a prayerful approach to experience an intimate, emotional healing with Jesus.   Through a positive memory and Immanuel prayer, you will connect with Jesus for answers to come through in this personal, one on one session.

I will lovingly guide you with prayer as you bring to mind a “positive experience” with Jesus. As you offer your appreciation and Love for that experience, we connect in the spirit of Jesus as he/she speaks the message to you. Your time with Jesus is most precious and unique only to you. It is such a delicious, intimate moment you will cherish always. Be One with Jesus

Immanuel was created by Dr. Karl Lehman, and the originator of Immanuel Practicum is Pastor Patricia Velotta.


The primary goal of Immanuel prayer is to see Jesus for who He really is.   We learn to experience Him in the past and in the present.   The other goal is to gain secure attachment with the Lord.   Secure attachment is:

  1. When we look for him,  we always find Him.
  2. When we find him,  He is always happy to see us.
  3. He always has the answer for our problems.   We discover that He alone is the answer.

In the process, He reveals lies, brings His truth, and heals deep wounds.

Immanuel prayer is not a counseling session.  It is prayer time to meet with Jesus.   He always leads.   He always does the work.   He always overcomes.

Session fee $45

“Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world!” ~John 16:33
Immanuel – God with us!