My BioMat Testimony

Why I Bought My Amethyst BioMat

In 2010 I was attending the International Healing Touch Conference in Colorado. The “Buzz” was all about the Richway BioMat and several others from the conference asked me if I tried the Biomat? They said, “you’ve got to try it Linda, it’s fantastic!” My interest was piqued, so I had to investigate for myself.

I found the booth with 3 BioMat’s set up and you could experience it for 15 min. free! Well, of course I had to try it. Wow, I found out why everyone was talking about it, it was amazing. While I lay on the full size Biomat I found myself totally relaxing into the mat feeling the pene- trading warmth and my body just melted into the mat. My body instinctively said “Get one”!     

After asking about the benefits and uses of the BioMat and finding out there are no EMF’s coming off the mat interfering with the body’s energetic field, and it’s Bio Technology and FCC safety surpassed required standards, it was a done deal. I decided to purchase the Pro BioMat and Bio Pillow for myself and for my clients to experience. My Professional BioMat and Bio Pillow were delivered quickly, within the next week!

I was starting to experience some arthritic pain in my back and I wanted something I could do to slow the process or stop it. It certainly has made a difference for me, at 65 I have very minimal discomfort in my back and have more energy than I have had in years. I feel it has given me a better quality of life and rejuvenation. I since added more comfort with the new Quantum Energy Pad on top, and now have energy like the “energize bunny” due to the restoration properties of the pad. I not only receive the health benefits of the amethyst crystals, negative Ions and infrared heat, I also receive a spiritual aspect. With regular use of the BioMat I find myself deeper in relaxation when I meditate, going to that heart-centered place and feeling very grounded. Wow, what a gift!

I run a healing practice, Heaven On Earth Healing Alternatives, LLC and I wanted my Healing Touch clients to experience this wonderful mat. While experiencing relief and comfort in their bodies they started reporting feeling less achy, no more headaches or muscle aches, joint relief, better sleep and feeling more energetic after they had a session with me on the Biomat.

My clients started to ask me how they could own a BioMat for their personal use. I spoke to my Richway sponsor and she suggested becoming a distributor. I said I didn’t have any sales back- ground and no desire to sell and she told me the mat will sell itself. I can speak to that! I have decided to sign up to become a distributor because my goal now is to have everyone experience the Richway BioMat and other products they offer and reap all the healing and health benefits.

Linda Heimermann, Fond du Lac, Wi


I Love-love-love my Biomat. I come home from work now and with my sore back as well as other health issues, my body is able to totally relax. I get to refresh a bit before my evening activities.                                                                                                                                                                  Fond du Lac, 2014

I use mine everyday to de-stress.

“I have found the Biomat to be extraordinarily effective for chronic fatigue and also for peripheral vascular problems, especially when there is numbness and tingling in the toes. This condition responds to nothing except the BioMat.                                                                        Steven S. MD, ND

Two days after my Healing Touch session with Linda Heimermann, and laying on the BioMat, I wanted more! I felt so good after leaving that session that I want out and did my gardening. The next day, I was full of energy and I continued in the garden, raking, and cleaning the yard. Oh, Oh, I overdid it!! I called Linda and she agreed, since I was feeling so good, I just kept going. Well, she was able to get me in her next week of appointments and saved me again. Thank goodness for her healing and the BioMat. I am now considering buying one of my own to use daily, or as needed.   Judy S.

The BioMat has been an incredible ad-junction to my practice as an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. I use the mat with at least 75% of my patients, for anything from body pain and stress to chronic fatigue and insomnia. I find the Biomat amplifies the success and efficacy of my treatments while also allowing for a warm and comfortable treatment experience. I can’t imagine my practice without it.                             Florida 2013

I had lower back pain for twenty years which limited my movement and therefore my activities. I also have arthritis in my knees. I bought a Biomat and after sleeping on it at night for a couple of weeks I was Pain free. I found I was doing things with ease that usually left me in pain and after a month I had much more freedom of movement. I had been taking supplements for my knees to keep them pain free but with the Biomat I not longer need the supplements. I also find that I am sleeping at a more restful and deeper level. I wish I had known about the Biomat years ago. I just Love it.

After a good amount of time on the large BioMat and pad, I am beginning to really reap the benefits and am a lot more comfortable than I have been in years. The Fibromyalgia with all of its side effects has definitely diminished…and when I feel anything coming on, I have learned to turn the mat on high and lie down for  a bit, which really gives relief quickly. I cannot tell you how much better I am, and feel it is the cumulative effects that are building up my health. Yesterday my Osteopath noted that my energy seemed better, thanks for this wonderful tool and your willingness to make it easy to purchase!                                                                                                                                                                                               Carole T.  Scotts Valley, CA

The Biomat is a combination of 3 unique, therapeutic technology elements of far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst quartz crystals that speeds cellular renewal to promote: Pain Relief; Relaxation; Reconditioning; and Detoxification.